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I was recently reminded of a lesson I was taught many years ago.  It is too easy to find reasons why you cannot do something.  However, as the old saying goes, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’.

The story starts about 35 years ago when I went to see Lizanne Gallo for a reading.  This woman was to become my teacher, mentor and a wonderful friend.  Her teachings went beyond Tarot Cards and the paranormal but to life itself.

At the time, I was in an abusive marriage and saw no way out of it.  I had jumped from one abusive marriage right into another one.  I had three young children and could see no way out of it.

Lizanne encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone in many ways.  When I tried to tell her I couldn’t do something, she would only grin at me.  I soon learned what that grin meant!  It meant I could and would do it.

One night she invited me over to her house for a ‘special class’.  When I arrived at her house, she informed me we were going out.  She took me to her room, handed me an outfit and told me to put it on ~ we were going to a fetish bar downtown Toronto.  I thought I was going to pass out ~ this was not the sort of place I would ever go to!

When we got there, she tied my hands behind my back.  At the time, I smoked.  I had to smoke my cigarette and sip on my drink hands free and no help from anyone.  She then placed a magazine in front of me and I had to turn the pages, hands free!  And all the time, Lizanne just sat there and grinned.  Other people sitting at the bar could see what was going on and they encouraged me and told I could do this.  And guess what ~ I did it!  For about ½ an hour she treated me as if I was a slave.  She then looked at me, very seriously and said, “You don’t like this do you?  You don’t like being treated like a slave in captivity.  This represents your marriage and your life.”  She was right!

I learned a very valuable lesson that night ~ I could do anything I set my mind on I just had to look for the way to do it.

About two years later, I was taught another lesson from a fellow psychic, Bruce.  He would never let me use my cards when I read for him.  He gave me the courage and confidence to use my clairvoyant abilities.  Bruce would use his cards when he read for me.  The Queen of Hearts always came up.  The meaning of this card was ~ You are the artist, it is up to you to create the life you want for you.  At the time, I still saw no way out of my marriage.

It wasn’t until a year later that the lessons, both Lizanne and Bruce had taught me, really made sense.

It is up to us to choose how we let people treat us and what we are willing to accept.  We can choose to find reasons not to do something, or, we can choose to take control in our life and find the way to follow our dreams and attain our goals.  Life is all about the choices we make.

I have now been happily married to a wonderful man for 18 years and life couldn’t be much better.

Lizanne and Bruce have both passed on and it is with great love and gratitude that I will always hold them both in my heart.

Written by Lynn Stevenson with Un-Lock-It. A Proud Member of the Empowerment Pride.



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