Posture – Is Yours Good or Bad?


As a woman who has worked in an office setting, I have done my fair share of sitting down.  As a personal trainer, I know how important posture is. In order for the individual body to function properly, that body needs to be assessed.

Postural and movement assessments are essential when determining programming for individual clients, and that is within the first few sessions based on individual goals.

I found this awesome graphic from that efficiently explains the benefits of good posture.

benefits-of-good-posture-infographicWith my clients. they start with a stability and mobility program before moving onto phase II of any training program.

Here are a few activation and stability exercises you can do anywhere you feel comfortable, and remember to talk to a doctor before starting any exercise program.


Core Function

Lay on your back and perform 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions

a) TVA Contractions (drawing the belly button in toward spine)

Click here to learn how to actually DO one, thanks YouTube!

b) “Kegels”

You may be wondering what I’m referring too, in which case, watch this!

c) Combination of both

Alternate, switch things up, and above all else, have a little fun!


Low Back Health

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds for 1-2 sets

a) Cat – Camel stretch

Sound fun? Learn how to do them properly here.

b) Bird Dog

If you’re not familiar with this awesome ab workout, watch this!

c) side plank for 30s

I love this tutorial video, it will simply explain exactly what you need to do. Check it out!


Need a little help and guidance? Reach out and I’ll gladly offer support through my coaching and training programs, no matter where you are.

Written by Danni Brunet of Fit Fam Fitness



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