Everyone has the right to empowerment through business ownership.

Owning a business is hard, and it can be lonely.

You’ve got to release your inner lion to become a leader and a fighter, a friend and foe. 

Best way to do that? Join a pride of other enterpreurial lions.

We are stronger together.





About the Lions

Welcome from the head lioness!

I created this group after spending many years working day in and day out with fellow entrepreneurs at Brand Scrubbers (formerly Sassy Lasses); The business I founded to help online businesses go from startup to stardom.

There, I trained hundreds of clients and peers in business-building techniques. I also joined and participated in a range of networking groups, masterminds, accelerators and more.

The Empowerment Pride brings you the best aspects of all of those. It’s hardcore business principles combined with the spunk of entrepreneurship and the pride — pun intended — that comes with teamwork.

When I’m not prowling around here, I’m spending time (video games; guzzling energy drinks; keeping 7 animals fed).

Shown: My husband Russell and I live in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

Sacha Brant

Sacha Brant

Lead Lion

Russell Brant

Russell Brant

The Right Paw

Weekly Goal Setting Meetings

Every Thursday @ 9am PST via Zoom

Current Events? You Bet!

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This is for business owners who:

  • have a similar interest in growing their business to it’s fullest potential
  • have the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary
  • want a supportive team of business partners
  • want to reach or exceed their goals
  • are ready to let their desire to be passionate about their life and work overcome their fear of change
  • are willing to commit to the change required to grow, and willing to commit to the Pride group members


How does it work?

Our Pride members meet in person, through video conference, on the telephone, the Flock channel and/or via the closed Facebook group -> The Empowerment Pride

Membership includes all of the amazing benefits below as well.

What You Get

Weekly Virtual Goal Setting

This isn’t your average meet-up. In our weekly virtual one-hour power-up sessions, we’ll cover successes, learning opportunities, and goal setting, including a check in on your goals from the week before.

Interactive Learning Events

Succeed together with your peers during bi-weekly guided learning events on various topics. You can expect guest speakers, controlled learning and the means to put what you learn into action.

Resource Library

We have a catalogue of checklists, workbooks, and sharable infographics and memes for you to use for as long as you are a member!

Commercial Stock Photos

Pridestock.ca is a commercial use stock photo website for our members to use at any time at no cost. Those outside of the Pride wish to purchase them can and proceeds go to supporting our many amazing benefits.

Go Wild Wednesday

Every Wednesday we encourage our members to go wild and go live! You’ll have the opportunity to go live on both our private Facebook group and/or Facebook page. This is a great opportunity for additional exposure as we have 1000+ views on average. 

LIVE Round-table Discussion

The roundtable, known as our Round of a’Paws, is a visibility opportunity for our lions. We host a Facebook Live round-table discussion on various topics. This will help you build some credibility, and let’s face it, it’s totally fun. Visit the Facebook Page to see some past events.

Pitch Practice and Perfection

We are here to help each other. Our members-only event, named Pitch from Pride Rock, is a feedback session we hold for members. The spotlighted lion pitches their business, products and/or services for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then, for 20 minutes, the fellow Lions will help refine and craft that pitch, and brainstorm new and unique way to get your message out. 

Member Directory

Once you join, we add you to the directory. You’ll get a badge for your website which will provide a link to your listing, and in turn, the Pride website gives you link back credit to boost your web scores. Members always offer a discount to other members (a minimum of 5%) as a condition of membership, so you have access to some amazing deals to help you grow your business. (Not to mention, it may bring you business too!)

Accountability Program

Once you join, we’ll introduce you to the Autolion. This is our automatic reminder feature that you can use to automate your accountability even more. Plus, after Power Up meetings, Leadership will enter your reminders for you. 

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Their Words, Not Ours

Join today for your introduction to the pride.


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