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How to Perfect Your Makeup for Live in 25 [VIDEO]

Pre-step. Prime your eyelids for your makeup to stick longer

Today I will be using Elf eyeshadow primer.

Apply the primer Makeup to the upper eye and don’t forget to blend the primer into your eye. Allow a minute or so for the primer to settle.  The importance of priming the eye is so that your colors and powders blend flawlessly. Doing so will keep the cosmetics from clumping or looking chunky.


For the brows, I will be using the Mad for Matte Pallet by ELF

You will want to start off by picking a shade that is slightly lighter than your eyebrows. [ you will need your angled brush for this next step ]

Apply the color to the brush and tap slightly on your had to remove fall away. Next, apply the color to the brow, make your strokes light and so that they work there way from the inner eyebrow to the outer. Remember eyebrows are sisters, not twins if they are slightly different its not the end of the world.

Take your time slow and steady will always win the race with brows, rushing will just make the process take longer.


Eyelids after primer.

After you have finished with your brows it’s time to move on to the eyes. Now that your primer has had ample time to set we need to apply some color. Using the tip of your for finger or a small brush pick a natural skin tone color and apply lightly and smoothly until the eye and under brow are nicely illuminated.

To add further definition, move one or two tones over from the original base color and apply to the orbital bones just above the eye but below the brow. These sections of bone are called Supraorbital margin [The lower, outer corner of the upper orbital bone] and Supraorbital foramen [The upper bone ridge just below the brow.]

Blend this color in by lightly applying with a brush or finger to the area. Do not bring the color into the eyelid. This is how we create definition.


Eye Liner

Next, you will need your angle brush, start by moving down your pallet to one of the darkest tones.

Apply the color to the brush and remember to tap off the excess on your hand. You want to start from the Inside of the eye closest to the bridge of your nose. Moving just along the lash line Apply the brush in a few firm strokes.

There are lots of different kinds of eyeliner feel encouraged to stick with what you are most comfortable with



Like you did with your eyelids we are now going to want to apply the primer. Today I am using urban decay optical illusion primer. Apply the Primer by dabbing on both checks forehead, nose and chin, than rub it in.

Allow 2 minutes for the primer to set….

Now is a great time while the primer is setting to quickly boost your lashes with mascara.

I like to start from the base of the Lash and fan upwards. If you don’t like to curl your lashes you can still achieve this effect buy using an upwards rolling motion from the base of the lash pulling the hairs upwards.

At this point, your primer should be set and ready for application

Being that its summer you may not want to deal with layers of Foundation or creams. I would suggest you stick to a light foundation powder or a translucent powder. The function of both items will be to smooth and help high any imperfections in the skin.




 Now that you have your fluffy brush in hand its time to apply the foundation. You do this by lightly brushing over the surface of your face, excluding your eyes.

It’s time to Blush it up.

My blush of choice for today is  Amazonian clay 12-hour blush

To apply your blush simply give your best smile. Using a brush that is firm yet fluffy.  You will want to start close to the top of the apple of your cheek which is the raised round of your cheek when you smile and move the brush along the cheekbone in a soft checkmark style swoosh. You will have to match the color of blush to the look you want.



Who does not love a beautiful set of lips?

Depending on the occasion you can decide how much or how little effort goes in the process. If you are rushing and just trying to get set up to go live or record a video simply just apply your lipstick and allowing a few moments for drying will suffice.

If you were perhaps going out for an evening I would recommend first outlining the outer lip and then blocking in your color. Check out this guide by Stylecraze for an even more broken down step by step on how to do your lipstick.

Doing your makeup does not need to be Scary or frustrating. By using these 5 Simple steps you can be ready and feel empowered that you are putting your best face forward every time you grace the Cameras.


Written by Desiree Carlson of Cosmic Glamour Creations















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