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How to Conquer Yourself; Overcoming Challenges

As entrepreneurs, we all know life loves to challenge at us. Overcoming challenges become second nature. Sometimes it feels like it never stops, and we are simply wading through the poop to come out the other side.  It can be extremely frustrating at times, to the point where hair loss and nervous breakdowns feel like the norm.

However, we are never given more then we can handle.

You will not like every situation. It’s how you deal with these challenges that will dictate how rough or how manageable the experience becomes.


Overcoming challenges as opportunites

If we let every challenge that comes our way drag us down, then we become non-participants in our own struggles.  When you don’t participate, you can’t affect the course or result. You become a prisoner in your own life.

You need to look at each issue and problem that comes your way as having a potential setting for growth. Take the time to step back from each situation and examine it. Asses what your potential gains will be from each individual challenge and what your options are to deal with it. Once you have come up with a plan, the most important step is to follow through. You can think about doing something until the cows come home but If you never act your situation will…

A] Only get worse


B] You get stuck in a perpetual loop of not having the confidence or the drive to move forward.

Remember stagnancy kills, especially in business.


Overcoming Challenges


Step back and accept the reality of your situation

When life comes at you 90 km/h, do yourself a favour, step aside for a moment before it runs you over.  Take the time to understand all aspects of the situation. You will find that taking the time to understand the ins and outs of the challenge you are facing will help ease the feelings of overwhelm.

Overwhelm is one of our emotional responses to learning something new. Think about it. Do the things you do every day overwhelm you? Do dancers get overwhelmed doing a move they have done 1000 times? Does a baker get overwhelmed following the same bread recipe has used for years?

Overwhelm is more likely to happen when something new or unexpected disrupts you.

The dancer may get overwhelmed trying to learn a new difficulty of dance move. The baker might feel overwhelmed with a rush order of enormous sizes. One thing that does not help is frustration and panic. Take a minute, collect your thoughts and facts, and then move to your plan of attack.


A plan of attack is ideal for overcoming challenges

Even the most stubborn of situations can be shifted advantageously with a well laid out plan. While some people say they prefer to fly by the seat of their pants, this is not always the best option for dealing with challenges.

Taking the time to plan will slow you down, reduce your emotional disarray and gain a new perspective. Try breaking down the situation is to bite-sized pieces. When all you see is a mountain, how can you see the paradise right behind it? Dissect your problem 1 step at a time until you have taken all bites you possibly could.

Lay out all the pieces and start moving things around until you find the best possible solution. This process could spark an idea you may not have had otherwise. For added effect, use sticky notes and create your map visually.

Once you have emotions and overwhelm under control and a plan of attack, all that’s left is the follow through.

Overcoming Challenges

Remember to follow through

In the end it won’t matter if you have come to terms with your or not. If you don’t follow through on your plan, you can count every second of wasted effort worrying and avoiding as time lost. Which, come on, as an entrepreneur is there really anything more valuable to you then your time?

Why waste that valuable time worrying?

It’s those who won’t help themselves that get left behind. The more time you spend overcoming challenges, the easier it will become to move past them. The more you do problem solve, the better you’ll get at it. It’s hard not to.

Russell Brant

Pride Leader and COA at Sassy Lasses



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