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5 Ways to Boost your in E-Commerce Website for User Experience

Design your site with user experience in mind. This is important for any website, however, it is most crucial for an e-commerce site. User experience in e-commerce is what will bring you new and returning customers. If someone visits your site for the first time and does not have a good experience, chances are high that they will never come back to visit your site. This is potential revenue lost because the user experience wasn’t built in with the design.

Yes, there are a lot of details to consider when launching and managing an e-commerce website. It’s simple to overlook aspects that are critical to your website’s success. That’s why I’ve given you the 5 things you need to create a great user experience for your e-commerce website.


1. Balance The Number of Products


Having too few or too many products can have a detrimental effect on the user experience. There should be a good balance between products so that customers are able to find what they want quickly. If you do have a lot of products in your store, there are many methods you can use to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Having a search engine is crucial to the user experience in e-commerce. This provides customers with easy access to directly search for what they are looking for. Instead of having to sift through pages to find what they want, they can just search for it! You can also section your products into categories and/or collections to display on your website. Just make sure you go with a search engine that provides fast results for your users.


2. Speed




People don’t like waiting. If someone visits your website and waits 5+ seconds for it to load, you may have lost them. Seconds can feel like an eternity when navigating a website. The speed of your site has a major effect on the user experience in e-commerce. You can use programs such as GTMetrix to analyze your sites current speed and determine methods for increasing your overall speed. You can also consider investing in a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will increase the performance of your website deliver to your users.


3. Layout and Design


When you walk into a retail store you expect it to be clean, welcoming, etc. This doesn’t change when it comes to the user experience in e-commerce. Having a design and layout that doesn’t guide the user to where they need to go can ruin the user experience. Users want to navigate through an attractive website where they can find what they want easy.


4. The Sales Pitch


When a user visits your website and sees a product they like, they want to know the product details immediately. This is where it’s important to make good use of your visual media. Use media such as pictures and videos to capture the attention of your customers. Think of each product page as a separate sales pitch. Each product will only capture a users attention for a short period of time. Once they hit your homepage you need to immediately grab their attention, and keep them engaged while you guide them to where you want them to purchase.


5. Check out the User Experience in E-Commerce


Now you’ve engaged The customer enough to the point where they’ve decided to purchase your product. However, this is the time where most e-commerce websites will have a customer drop off. There are a few things you can do to help eliminate customers dropping off once they reach the checkout.

Shipping costs.

Make sure your shipping costs are clear and easy to find prior to the customer making a purchase. The cost of shipping can make or break the sale of the product.

Accept a variety of payment methods. 

There are many different methods people use to pay for products online. Accepting a variety of these methods will increase your chances of attracting customers to check out.




Allow Guest accounts

Some people don’t like to sign up for accounts because they’re worried about spam e-mails, data collection, etc. Having an option for users to not have to create an account to checkout through your website will help decrease abandonment at checkout.

Managing and maintaining an e-commerce website is a lot of hard work. There’s much more that goes into it than “what are you going to sell” and “how much?”. There are little details that need to be considered at every turn in order to ensure your website is successful. The user experience in e-commerce is critical to reaching your success and gaining revenue,



Written by Josh Grieve



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