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3 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Working Out

Today we’re going to talk about how to overcome your fear of working out. (Or fears, as the case may be.)

When someone says “let’s workout together” do you instantly panic and hide? Are you unsure as to how to be safe so you avoid it all together?

The last thing you need is to FOMO your FOWO, am I right?


There are many reasons to be afraid; What are some of YOURS?

Here are some of MY fears

  • Looking silly during movements
  • People looking at me
  • I have no idea of what I’m doing
  • I need to ‘get in shape’ before I sign up to a gym
  • Fear of injury


Methods of My Madness – How to Overcome Your Fear of Working Out

Have a goal / plan & tell people about it.

  • First step is writing out your fitness goals using the SMART method; be Specific (ex. I want to improve my posture); Measurable (how are you going to record results); Attainable (scale of 1 to 10 how sure are you that you can do what you et out to do); is your goal Relevant (is there a specific event?); and Time bound (ex 3 months at x times per week)

Write it out and post it somewhere you will see it everyday for motivation.


‘Fear of Injury, I have no idea of what I am doing’.

  • Hire a trainer to show you proper form and movements to avoid injury; a lot of gyms offer a free consultation where a trainer shows you basic movements and can correct your form right away, find one that you feel comfortable with. Once you get the basics down, it becomes easier and less frightening.  If you are shy about going to a gym, there are mobile trainers that come to your home and train you as well (like me!).


‘I need to get in shape before I enter a gym’; ‘Everybody is going to look at me’

  • Anxiety can be crippling when trying new and exciting things; everyone in that gym has started out as a beginner, just like you. Going during off peak hours when the gym is less busy to get over the ‘looking at me fear’, then as you gain confidence, start by going to the gym 1 busy day a week then increase from there.  If you really feel that you have no place going to the gym until you lose x # of pounds, hire a mobile trainer to teach you basic body weight movements, and start with basic walking, jogging, or running.  As you get more comfortable with the movements, you can start building your own routines, or find youtube videos for inspiration.


Grab a workout buddy.

  • Sometimes, in order to overcome your fear of working out, you’ll need help. Much like being part of this pride, we are stronger together. That means having someone you’re accountable to and who can motivate you, can make a huge impact in your ability to stick to the plan. Find a buddy and give as much as you receive and you’ll both be the better for it.

Buy a cute but comfortable gym outfit that you feel amazing in.

  • Nothing feels better than knowing you look your best. When going into a situation that may feel uncomfortable, having a little extra confidence in your corner will help. Picking an outfit to empower you will help you overcome your fear of working out. At least to some degree.


If you’re out there, and you STILL feel really fearful, even after going through these items, reach out to me. I will happily provide you with support and coaching to kick that fear to the curb.

Written by Danni Brunet of Fit Fam Fitness



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