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The Importance of an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is quickly becoming the top social media platform for brands and influencers alike. Having a proper Instagram marketing strategy is indispensable to a business needing to make their presence on social media. Instagram has more than 700 monthly active users and now claims over 8 million accounts using business profiles. The prime demographic is the 18-29 market and Instagram boasts nearly 60% of their users are within that demographic.

Brands today need exposure so developing an Instagram marketing strategy for your business is a no-brainer. Your strategy should not only just build your brand but drive more organic business to you. It’s important to have a strategy that fits with your brand identity. If all you’re doing is posting attractive photos, your Instagram success may not be what you’d like it to be. Have a strategy that will identify with your target audience, something they can relate to on a personal level.

The sooner you start your Instagram marketing strategy, the better. Instagram is quickly becoming a competitive platform for brands across the world. You can start today with these methods:

  1. Build Your Instagram Following

Communication with your following is key to increasing your brand awareness. This is more so important in the beginning of your strategy than any other time.  Your brand needs to connect with your following on a personal level to create that connection. Creating this connection with your following will turn them into ambassadors for your brand, creating more organic growth through word-of-mouth. Engage with your following like you would friends or family. People don’t want to feel like they’re talking to an automated robot.

User-Generated Content is a very easy way to gain your following quickly and organically. Create a hashtag and encourage your following to post content using that hashtag. You can then use that content on your Instagram to create that conversation and connection with your following. This makes them feel heard and cared for by your brand. It’s common for brands to get caught up in Instagram and look at it as just another platform to advertise. If you can find a way to create a connection and start a conversation with your following, you’ll find there’s much more value in that.

  1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are under-utilized by many brands on the platform. Stories are viewed on Instagram by more than 250 million users daily. That is a lot of potential eyes on your brand if you utilize this tool properly. Incorporating Instagram stories into your Instagram marketing strategy gives your brand the perfect storytelling medium. You can put together photos, videos, GIFs, and much more within your Instagram story. Having an imaginative approach can captivate your audience into moving from your stories to your main feed. Thus, converting them into your following.

  1. An Instagram Marketing Strategy Needs Hashtags

Make sure you are using hashtags every time you post on Instagram. Hashtags are used by people to search and find new content on Instagram. Using the appropriate hashtags for your post can lead to more eyes on your brand beyond your current following. This will also begin to convert new eyes into brand ambassadors. Hashtags not only get new eyes on your content but increase engagement as well with your current following. Be creative with your hashtags and try to find a variety of them that fit with your brand image. You can use tools like that will give you top and live hashtags that fit with your brand.

There is much more that goes into an Instagram marketing strategy but these basics should be enough to get you started. Regardless of whether you’re new to Instagram or are experienced on the platform, you need to continue to take educated risks and a calculated approach when advertising on Instagram. People can smell an ad a mile away and are generally turned off by forms of direct marketing on Instagram. Take your time in developing your content and be creative on how you want to engage with your following.

Here’s a quick-tip strategy I use on Instagram called the $1.80 Instagram Strategy that has proven true in gaining additional followers and increasing overall engagement on my posts.

The $1.80 Instagram Strategy goes with the saying of “leaving your two cents”. You want to invest $1.80 a day on Instagram in your “two-cents”. So, to do that you’re going to want to research the top 10 hashtags that are related to your brand. Once you have those, search each of them one at a time in Instagram to find the top 9 posts of that hashtag. Now look at the content and captions for each of the 9 posts in the hashtag and leave a comment on each of them. Do this with each of the top 10 hashtags you had found. Now, you’ve invested $1.80 on Instagram by leaving your “two-cents”. What this does is it gets your brand out there in view of an audience that may not be a part of your following. You’re now seen as a real person who communicates with other profiles on the platform and not just some bot that posts content. You’ll see that your Instagram following begins to increase along with your overall engagement.



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