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Your Guide To Yuletide Makeup Trends

It’s that time of year again when we all get a little festive. Which means it’s time for parties! Whether it’s an office party, family gatherings, or maybe you just love Christmas. Now is the time that your makeup usually gets to shine. This year’s trends range from soft and natural to a little off the wall. I will give you some of the tips and tricks to keep you flawless and in style.

Makeup 1

For starters carrying over from the summer, we have soft natural looks with just a slight touch of a shimmer.

The best way to achieve these looks is to use a gold or silver eyeshadow along your lash line. To achieve this simply take a nice small fluffy eyeshadow brush and sweep your eyeshadow starting at the inner corner to the outer corner of your upper eyelid being sure not to go any further up then the crease. Add a little bit of highlighter to your cheekbones & cupids bow. Grab your favorite neutral lipstick. The best thing about lipstick this season you pick your finish. Glossy, matte or even a satin. Now you’re ready for that last minute party invite.

Makeup 2

If you have a sense of adventure and color with makeup you will love these next trends.

They are sure to be right up your alley. Bright and bold eyeliner, any color will do. Just line your upper and lower eyelid and you are set. Not so good with eyeliner? That’s okay because colored mascara is definitely on the list. The best way to utilize this makeup trend is to wear it by itself. Don’t get caught up in fancy eyeshadow. Just let those colored lashes do their thing.

Makeup 3

Now, of course, it’s winter time so those red lips and sultry eyes are always in.

This season has a different plan. It’s either eyes or lips. Don’t be afraid to get your blending brushes out. Create a fierce smokey eye add a bit of glitter or shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes. You’re set and ready to party!

Most importantly when you are getting ready for any type of event this season be sure to have fun.


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