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5 Reasons Why Your YouTube Channel Sucks (And How to Fix It!)

Let’s get real.  YouTube is a beast when it comes to traffic, visibility and awareness.  The mega-platform has a staggering 1.5 Billion users, yet only a scant 9% of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of YouTube.

That could very well be because most entrepreneurs’ YouTube channels suck.  Fortunately, in that world of hurt is a world of opportunities…

Here are the 5 reasons why your YouTube Channel sucks and what you can do to not suck!

(FYI… Not sucking on YouTube means maximizing the opportunity and taking full advantage of the power and reach of YouTube!  Learn more at:


1. Your YouTube Channel is a Hot Mess

Let’s face it, your channel looks terrible.  Is this really the image you want to portray?  Your channel doesn’t match your brand, so there’s a disconnect with your other branding.  And, it’s (probably) not up to date. Does your YouTube channel look like an abandoned video warehouse?

The Fix: Think of your YouTube Channel as an extension of your brand and your website.  Use your brand colors, and create a channel banner that matches the rest of your branding.


2. Your YouTube Channel is Unwelcoming and Confusing

There’s no rhyme or reason to your channel.  You’ve got business videos mixed in with pet videos and old videos from 6 years ago.  It looks disorganized and chaotic. Where’s your welcome video? Where are your playlists?

The Fix: Create a channel trailer or “welcome” video for your channel.  Organize your videos into playlists to curate your content. Make sure your channel isn’t a “mish-mash,” as a confused viewer will leave your channel faster than you can say “custom thumbnail!”


3. Your Videos Are Not Optimized

Your video titles are not keyword friendly, your description is lame, and you’re not using enough (or the right) keywords/tags. Without optimizing your channel or videos, your YouTube channel is not “discoverable” or SEO-friendly.

The Fix: Optimize your video titles, descriptions and tags (keywords).  Create custom thumbnails to make your content visually appealing and easy to find.  (Much more on this in our new YouTube Challenge at:


4. There’s Nothing to Keep Me On Your Channel

The YouTube algorithm rewards “watch time,” so you’ve got to design your channel and videos to keep viewers on your page.  If your content is not good enough to keep me glued to your channel, I’m clicking away without a second thought!

The Fix: Again, organize and curate your content with playlists.  Good playlists with good video content encourage “binge” watching and keep viewers on your channel longer.  Guide the “viewer journey” to increase your watch time.


5. I Don’t Know Where To Go (Or What To Do) Next!

Closely related to #4, if your viewer doesn’t know exactly where to go after watching your video, they’ll click away quickly and you’ve lost them.  A bored or confused viewer with today’s minuscule attention span has way too many other options on YouTube, unless you’re “holding their hand” and guiding them to your next video or action.

The Fix: First and foremost, make sure every video has a clear and compelling call to action, such as “watch the next video.”  Playlists play in sequence, so that will help the viewer with what to do or watch next. You can also use “end cards” or an end slide graphic to tell the viewer where to go next.  End cards are a visual clue you can use in addition to your verbal call to action.


Follow these five key guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to a YouTube Channel that doesn’t suck!

If you’d like YouTube help, guidance and step-by-step instructions, then be sure to sign up for our new 10-Day YouTube Makeover Challenge starting soon at:

Hope to see you there!

Lou Bortone - YouTube Expert

Written by The Godfather of Video, Lou Bortone



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