Advice to My Younger Self


The old saying, you cannot put an old head on young shoulders rings true.  

If I could go back in time and have a coffee with my younger self, there is so much I would tell her.

First would be to save money for the future!  

You are never to young to start saving for retirement!  You cannot depend on other people to support you when you are old.  Do you really want to still be working when you are 92?

Believe in yourself!  

Don’t listen to the negative talk of other people.   Just because you don’t fit their standards doesn’t mean you are wrong or stupid.  Be yourself ~ you are unique ~ that is where your success lies. Allow your creativity to shine through.  

Your intuition is much stronger than you realize, use it ~ trust in it!  Stop second guessing yourself!

You will have a wonderful teacher, Lizanne.  One of the things she will teach you is ~ ‘Positive begets positive and negative begets negative’.  Take heed of those words as there is much wisdom in them. This will be your introduction to The Law of Attraction.  Which really does work, by the way. She will also teach you about the power of intent and the power of the spoken word.  Listen to her!

Choose your words wisely!  

You don’t know this yet, but you will end up doing readings at psychic fairs.  A young man named David (also a psychic) will become your best friend and the closest you will ever have to a brother.  Don’t get tired of people asking you both if you are mediums, because, when you say often enough that you are an extra large, that is exactly what you will both become!  

Learn forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not just about forgiving other people, it is also about forgiving yourself.  Learn from your mistakes and move forward in your life.

Look after your health! Take time for you!  

Believe in Angels, they do exist!  You will be visited by an Angel on the GO Train of all places.  He will be sitting beside you on the steps. He will tell you of hardships and difficult times you will face in your future.  He will also tell you to never give up because things will get better and one day you will have a wonderful man in your life who will love you to the end of time.  Hang on to his words as they will give you the strength you need! When he has finished giving you his message and reassurance, he will literally disappear into thin air.  

And last but not least, remember the importance of being true to yourself!

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