Work is Hard. Why Not Have Fun At Work While You Do It?


Have Fun At Work By Tricking Your Mind

Whether your an employee, contractor, or a business owner. There’s nothing more dreaded than Monday morning. That means we need to leave the comfort of our weekend (if you get one) and get back into our daily grind. Yeah, work is hard and stressful. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some kind of fun integrated into your work. 

There’s several ways you can integrate fun into your work to help make your day easier. One of those ways is through gamification or as I like to call it “Bribing Your Mind”. You CAN be bribed by yourself. Turn your work into a game with targets and achievements that you need to reach within a pre-determined time. If you reach your goal, you get a reward. An example from personal experience, one time I had a project that needed to be completed. I kept putting it off and putting it off until almost the last minute. At the same time I REALLLLLY wanted to go to the local arcade and play some video games. However, I knew i would not feel good about being at the arcade if I had work that needed to be done. SO! I used this dilemma to my advantage. I talked myself into getting the project done by bribing myself with a visit to the arcade. I knew not only would I feel better going to the arcade with a clear mind but I’d also feel amazing because that project I kept putting off is done! I wasn’t wrong. Find something that works for you and you’ll find your productivity increase drastically.

Add Some Fun To Your Work Space

Allow yourself small pleasures when it comes to your work space. It’s much easier if you’re in a home office but most employers usually don’t mind a knick-knack or two on someones desk. Find something that will bring you out of your work for a moment and into that zone of “fun” within your mind. Not only will it provide a brief moment away from the thick of it all but you may also find that your creativity is sparked! Perhaps you have an epiphany on a problem you’ve been desperately trying to solve. All because you allowed your mind a moment to relax and have a bit of fun. 

Here’s a few fun examples of items to have around the office:

NASA Office Supply Set
PlayStation Office Supply Set
Friends Office Supply Set

Eat Good Food!

Your lunch doesn’t have to be as boring as your work. There’s nothing worse than waking up to go to work when you really don’t want to, then going about your day and realizing your lunch is boring. It almost feels like a gut punch that you’re giving yourself. If you don’t like bologna sandwiches or the leftovers you have from last night’s dinner, why are you taking it for lunch? You’re setting yourself up for disappointment during your work day. Instead put together a lunch for yourself that you can look forward too! Something that when you’re half-way through your morning you can remember and have it brighten your day. Then you’ve got the second half of your day, satisfied from having an awesome lunch. I know it sounds silly but seriously, it’s these little things that will shift your perspective. You’ll feel like your days are filled with more fun.
These are just a few different ways that you can integrate having fun at work. It doesn’t need to be doing something silly or doing a hobby while you’re working, it can be as simple as bringing pizza to work instead of hot dogs. Allowing fun to be integrated with your work will not only shift your perspective but increase your productivity.


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