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Have Confidence In Your Dreams

Hello there! My name is Kiera Fuller, creator of and lover of all things romantic and refined. Today I’m here to talk to little concept called confidence.

Do you have a dream? A passion? A goal you aspire after? Of course you do! The better question is: Do you have confidence you can reach that goal?

If you’re anything like most people, your insecurities make it hard to have to have confidence in the future. But I’m here to tell you, this doesn’t need to be the case! In fact, it absolutely shouldn’t.

So many people think confidence should be a result of accomplishment. In truth, accomplishment is the result of confidence.

So how do you embrace this mental shift?

Don’t be Afraid to Dream Big

Most people have limiting beliefs about themselves that prevent them from dreaming big. The logic is low expectations = fewer disappointments. This way of thinking results in settling, complacency, and eventual bitterness.

But if you actually want to embrace confidence, you’ll allow yourself to shoot for the starts. Go big or go home! Don’t be afraid of your desires – embrace them! When you create a grand goal and believe you can reach it, your confidence will soar!

If you’re struggling to believe in your goals, I completely understand. When I was first contemplating the idea of starting my dream blog, my goal was very small. I thought if I only had the expectation of “making a little extra income”, it’d be hard for me to disappoint myself. This was not a confidence-driven dream! That lack of confidence resulted in me putting off starting my blog for three long years. My REAL goal was/is to build a successful, full-time business through my blog so that I can have freedom.

So if you’re struggling with this idea, let me tell you how I learned to embrace and believe in that true dream:

Gain Confidence Through Action

Take. Messy. Action. This is the best advice I’ve ever received! Leave your fear and perfectionism at the door, and take action! The more experience you gain, the greater your confidence will grow.

When I first started blogging, the idea of hitting “publish” on my first blog post terrified me. Even though I worried about the possible imperfections, I made myself do it anyway. And you know what? It wasn’t perfect. In fact – it was pretty bad! My post wasn’t optimized, there were plenty of typos, and my graphics were terrible – but it was okay! It was the epitome of “messy action” if ever there was one.

And it gave me momentum!

The more action I took, the better I got, and the stronger my belief and my confidence grew. I’m still far from perfect, but every day I’m getting better and every day I am getting closer to reaching my dreams. If that doesn’t build confidence, I don’t know what will!

Find Inspiration in the Success of Other Dreamers

Find someone who is living the life of your dreams – someone who has already “made it” – and learn their stories. How did they find their success? Unless your dream is to be born into wealth, the person you admire started out as a dreamer, too. Everyone starts from somewhere!

(To be clear, I want you to find inspiration from the success of others, not to compare yourselves to them. Everyone’s journey will be different, so don’t fall into the comparison trap.)

For me, there are several bloggers I look up to and gain inspiration from. They are making an impact, travelling the world, caring for their families, and running their businesses. There is always one consistent factor when they talk about their stories: confidence.

They took a leap of faith and believed in the possibilities. They believed in their dreams and they took messy action to make them come true! One woman I’m thinking of, in particular, grew up in run-down trailer parks… Now? She lives a life of luxury and glamor, running her business and inspiring other to do the same. She’s made a business of training women and hosting lavish retreats in Paris. When I found out she grew up in poverty, I was amazed. She completely turned her life around, and she inspires me to do the same. She didn’t have a reason to believe in herself, but she did! And that confidence paid off big time.

So I encourage you: Put a little faith and confidence into your dreams. The end result just might surprise you.

Until next time,
Kiera Fuller

Aspiring Elegance



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