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A goal, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is “an aim, or desired result, the destination of a journey”.Success, as defined by the same Oxford English Dictionary, is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.Success is not just for the lucky few...

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Setting Your Goals

A goal, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is “an aim, or desired result, the destination of a journey”.

Success, as defined by the same Oxford English Dictionary, is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.

Success is not just for the lucky few – in fact, success is available to anyone who strives for it.  The notion of success is as different for each and every person as their personalities are.  Some people see success only in the arenas of business or family, while others see it in all arenas of life.

Consider what your goals are, your dreams, your hopes.  We all have something in our lives that we want to attain or achieve.  Truth be told, it is not always easy to reach these goals – life gets in the way, as well as our own self-limiting beliefs.  You have two choices, you can sit around and wait for things to happen, or, you can get off your ass and take action!

Staying focused on a goal, can be much easier when you have a support group to be accountable to.  Knowing what steps to take will also help you achieve your goals more effectively and with a higher level of success.

Defining your goals is the first step.  Sharing your goals with others is important.  Being able to communicate your plans, ideas and wants, can assist you not only in building on your plans and ideas but also provides you with the support that is so important.  Your group can give you the motivation to carry on and sometimes to give you that proverbial ‘kick in the ass’.  Keep in mind, if you don’t tell anyone, how can they help you?

Is there someone you know who has already accomplished what you want to do?  By going to the right people for advice, the information and help that you will receive will be invaluable to you.  Someone who has already accomplished that goal, knows how to get there and they also know the pitfalls. Chances that they will tell you are quite high, after all, successful people do like to share their success stories.  If you go to someone who has tried and failed, they can only teach you how to fail.

Writing you goal down is one of the most powerful techniques for achieving your goals.  Describe in detail what you want, how you will get there, when you will achieve it and how you will benefit from this goal.  Be as detailed as possible.  Each day, look at what you have written down as this will help to keep you focused.  At the end of each day, write down what you have accomplished so far.

Celebrate!  Celebrate each new step you have accomplished towards your goal.  You did it!  You deserve it!  When you get discouraged or have doubts, take a look at what you have accomplished.  Since you have been recording you progress, your success is on paper and at your fingertips to reflect on.  This will give you renewed confidence to continue.  Be sure to celebrate the final achievement of your goal.  You worked hard to get there and deserve to acknowledge your success.

And hey, if you need a little more support getting there, I recommend checking out for more great content.



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