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Staying Productive CAN Be Done

The majority of people have issues staying productive. There's a variety of factors that go into your productivity. The environment you work in, distractions surrounding you, the task it self, there's many things that can come in the way of staying...

How Valuable Is Your Online Data?

The implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) amid various data misappropriation scandals earlier this year brought the importance of personal data online to the forefront. Online data is information that directly or indirectly identifies us. The value of this data becomes obvious when we consider how much businesses are willing to pay to gain access to it. As a result, service providers sustain their place at the top of the internet empire by collecting as much data as they possibly can.


According to the infographic below, apart from the private details you submit when opening accounts, social media platforms collect and log all of your activities for a variety of reasons. Advertisement research, in particular, serves as a huge source of income for social media applications.


Facebook and Google don’t demand money from us for their services, instead, all they require is our data. Over the years, they have collected copious amounts of information about each of us. Then they designed services and content to influence our decisions and actions.  


A prime example of this is the Facebook data scandal where Cambridge Analytica analyzed users’ data to acquire information, which they used to sway users’ political decisions. Data analytics are trending and they involve the analysis of personal data for various business optimization strategies. One of the effects of data analytics is the emergence of personalized advertising and target marketing.


These concepts utilize your data to discover the products or the marketing strategies that tend to trigger a positive response from you. Moreover, you have probably noticed that you tend to encounter the same type of advertisements over and over while surfing the internet.


As a result of the mass transfer of our personal details, it is becoming common for attackers to access our data. We can conclude from this that our online data is invaluable, and this is obvious after seeing the sheer number of parties struggling to access and/or control it.


Now that you know how important your online data is, you should check out the infographic below for effective ways to protect it from unauthorized access.  



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