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Increasing Your SEO Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult.

When most people hear the term "SEO" they immediately think of keywords and Google rankings. While they're not wrong, there's much more to increasing SEO than using keywords.  Google algorithms utilize many other factors, outside of keywords, when ranking your...

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Increasing Your SEO Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult.

When most people hear the term “SEO” they immediately think of keywords and Google rankings. While they’re not wrong, there’s much more to increasing SEO than using keywords. 

Google algorithms utilize many other factors, outside of keywords, when ranking your website. They evaluate your website statistics such as visitor duration, bounce rate, broken links, internal and external links, backlinks, and more. 

This means that the longer you get users to stay on your website and engage with other content throughout the site, the more you’ll begin to see  increasing SEO. Look at the user experience and usability of your website. Is it easy for new viewers to navigate? Is it pretty to the eye and gets to the point straight away? These are questions you should ask and have the answers to when increasing SEO. Change your mindset to optimizing your website for people who use search engines. This will be a great help with increasing SEO. 


Increasing SEO Through Website Usability


When building your website usability for SEO, it’s important for it to be effective and efficient. Users needs to be able to find what they need quickly and without hassle. It’s just as important to ensure that users can complete what they’re needing to do quickly. Whether that be making a purchase or gathering information, it’s important to make it fast and easy for users.

Search engines will reward sites that show to be user friendly and have high usability. User engagement is an important element of increasing SEO. When visitors stay on your site longer, navigate more of the site, and continue to return, this is all increasing SEO. Google sees this as your site being user-friendly, therefore increasing SEO.

When you’re providing useful content to users, they tend to stay much longer on your website to consume whatever information they are there for.


Optimize Your Page Speed

 Google takes your page-load speed into account when ranking your website. Meaning page speed is essential for increasing SEO. 

If your site is taking 4+ seconds to load, users will most likely leave your site instead of waiting for it to load. This increases your bounce rate which then downranks you further on Google. 

There are many methods to increasing your page speed. Enabling caching on your website is step 1 and will drastically make an impact both on your website and towards increasing SEO. You can also audit the number of plugins and redirects you have to further optimize your website. 

Links Are A Factor To Increasing SEO

To increase the value of your content you can add links to your pages/posts that link to high domain authority sites. This will increase the level of trust that Google has with you, provided your not doing spammy links for negative SEO. This also works vice-versa, if someone links their page/post to your website it will greatly increase your SEO. Even more so than doing an outbound link on your website. Try reaching out to different websites that work with your business and see if you can get backlink credit to your site. This will increase domain authority therefore increasing SEO.

You also want to make sure that you have no broken links on your website. Having broken links consistently will send messages to Google that your site is old and neglected. Therefore, decreasing your SEO. 


In short, don’t put all your focus into keywords when developing your SEO strategy. There are many factors involved when Google determines your ranking in their search engine. Focus on these items and get your user experience/usability where Google wants it, you’ll see your SEO begin to increase. 






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