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WordPress Security Is Not A Joke

Wordpress security is at the forefront of most users minds. How do you secure your website? Does Wordpress provide security to your website automatically? The lack of built-in Wordpress security is a myth, Wordpress does have a level of security for sites using their...

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WordPress Security Is Not A Joke

WordPress security is at the forefront of most users minds. How do you secure your website? Does WordPress provide security to your website automatically? 

The lack of built-in WordPress security is a myth, WordPress does have a level of security for sites using their platform. However, it’s not going to save you from every security related issue that could occur. You need to ensure your website is secure against attacks and hackers, doing constant WordPress security checks is crucial to maintaining your level of security. 

WordPress Security For Your Login Page


WordPress provides a standard login page URL. Usually /wp-login or /wp-admin. Because these are so well known it’s easy to do brute force attacks against your website. It’s possible to change the login page URL and should be the first part of WordPress security you should think of when starting your WordPress site. 

When someone is committing a brute force attack, the login page is the first place they’re going to go. While sometimes masking your login URL can cause more problems than solutions, there are other ways you can protect your login page. 

Use your e-mail to login to your WordPress site. Using an e-mail adds that additional layer of security as it creates millions of different combinations for hackers to find. Passwords are also of the utmost importance as this is the key to get into your website. Change your passwords regularly to ensure your WordPress security is up to date. Improve the strength of your password by including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Using a long passphrase is also a great idea because it’s nearly impossible for hackers to predict it as a password. Whatever you do, don’t make your password, password. You’d be surprised how common this actually is. 


WordPress Security Maintenance and Updates

Having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate installed on your website is key to securing your website. This not only provides you a layer of WordPress security internally, it also provides security for your website users. SSL ensures a secure data transfer between the users and the server, making it very difficult for hackers to breach the connection to your website.  

Getting and implementing an SSL certificate is simple. You can purchase one from a third-party company or inquire if your hosting company can provide you with one. Not only does having an SSL certificate affect your WordPress security, it also affects your website’s Google rankings. Sites with SSL generally rank higher than those that don’t. So having an SSL certificate generates more traffic, who doesn’t want that? 

Another crucial component of your WordPress security is software updates. As with every good piece of software, there’s updates from its developers. These updates often contain fixes to bugs and/or vital security patches. Meaning you want to be constantly on top of these updates to prevent any vulnerabilities. Not updating your themes or plugins is asking for trouble. Hackers rely on the fact that many people can’t be bothered with updating their plugins and themes. Leaving big vulnerability gaps in your WordPress security. Hackers will exploit the bugs found in your theme and plugin that chances are your developer has already provided an update for. Update everything regularly to ensure your WordPress security is top notch. 

This is a lot for those new to WordPress or aren’t very savvy with how to handle/manage their WordPress security. There are people out there who can help you! The more you care about your WordPress security, the harder it is for a hacker to attack. 



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