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Why It’s Important To Practice Self-Care As An Entrepreneur

When you embark on the journey of being an entrepreneur, the lines between work and life can get pretty blurry. Especially if you work out of a home office. You begin to forget that there’s life outside of the pile of work in front of you. It happens to all of us and isn’t something to beat yourself up over. However, it is something to be cognizant of because burnout is real and will happen if you’re not careful. 

Practicing self care as an entrepreneur is essential in ensuring your staying healthy and reaching your maximum productivity. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries and take time away from their work. Otherwise, you begin to grow resentment towards your work. The work you’re so passionate about begins to become a chore instead of something you want to do. You need to have self care as an entrepreneur in order to reach that pinnacle of success you’re searching for. 

No Time For Self Care As An Entrepreneur?

Time. Yes. The element of life that we’re constantly chasing for more of. There’s ALWAYS enough time for self care as an entrepreneur. It’s whether or not you’re actually setting that time aside. Practicing self care doesn’t mean it has to be a crazy process like going to the spa or taking a vacation to the tropics. While this would be really nice, there’s simple ways you can practice self care as an entrepreneur that will recharge your batteries and keep you on track. 

Give yourself some “Me” time. Take time during your day to step away from your work, not looking at your phone or computer during that time. The best time to do this may be in the morning when you wake up. Looking at your e-mails as soon as you wake up can give you waves of excitement and anxiety all at once. Then once you’re looking through those e-mails, you’re gonna stay there. Boom, self care goes out the window. Book off some time for yourself everyday where you do something for yourself and nobody else. Turn this into a routine and you’ll start your days off right. You can even incorporate walks around the neighborhood or a nice long shower, self care as an entrepreneur truly is this easy. 

Ask For Help When You Need It

We all have moments constantly where we feel exceptionally overwhelmed. It’s so easy as an entrepreneur to take on too much to do yourself. This is a cause of not practicing self care as an entrepreneur. We take on too much and don’t end up asking for help. Delegation and acknowledging when you need help are great ways of practicing self care. In doing so, you’re effectively getting what you need to done and reducing your stress levels in the process. 

The thing is, we all like to believe we’re the best at what we do. However, there’s always people out there who are better at what we do than us. Reach out, ask them for help with your project/task. There’s no shame in asking for help, however, there is shame in providing low quality work because you took on too much. 

Imagine the quality of work you could provide if you just practiced self care as an entrepreneur. This journey is an emotional rollercoaster and it’s only going to get more difficult. Having self care as an entrepreneur is what’s going to get you through this journey with success on the other side. You don’t need to work 24/7, in fact, you’ll burnout swiftly if you try. If you don’t take time for self care as an entrepreneur your business will certainly suffer. When you encompass your work into your life it’s a very delicate balance to keep them separate. Just remember that sustainability is the key. Take steps towards achieving your goals every day and keep positivity surrounding you throughout your journey. 



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