How To Use The Law Of Manifestation In Your Business

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The Benefits Of Change Are Proof You Need To Adapt

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Being Busy Is Good. If You Handle It The Right Way!

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Being Adaptable In Business = Growth In Your Business

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Need Some Help To Get Inspired? Don’t Worry, We All Do.

We've all had those days where no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to focus. All your tasks appear overwhelming and much more difficult than usual. These are the stressful days where being creative feels more like a chore than something you're...

Reframing Failure: Failure Can Only Happen When You Give Up.

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Why It’s Important To Practice Self-Care As An Entrepreneur

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There Needs To Be More Customer Service In Business

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "Customer Service"? Is it being courteous to customers? A vital part of your business operations? Or both?The truth is, customer service in business is a crucial element of your operations...

Staying Productive CAN Be Done

The majority of people have issues staying productive. There's a variety of factors that go into your productivity. The environment you work in, distractions surrounding you, the task it self, there's many things that can come in the way of staying...

Need Some Help To Get Inspired? Don’t Worry, We All Do.

We’ve all had those days where no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to focus. All your tasks appear overwhelming and much more difficult than usual. These are the stressful days where being creative feels more like a chore than something you’re passionate doing. This makes you incredibly inefficient and unproductive which is why it’s important to get inspired. However, inspiration isn’t something that can be forced. How many times have you spent hours staring at an idea or a blank piece of paper with frustration because you couldn’t get inspired. I doubt it was for a lack of trying.

The sooner you accept that inspiration can’t be forced, the easier it is to get inspired and spark your fire once more. For me, my best ideas come at the most unexpected times. Mostly when I’m not trying to be inspired but see something that triggers inspiration for me. The harder I try to force inspiration on myself to generate more ideas, the more difficult it is and the final results tend to be less than satisfactory.

When you’re getting frustrated trying to get inspired, take a break and work on something else. Find something that’s less creative that will allow your mind a moment to rest and sift through the ideas in your head. Once it has time to process the information, you’ll be surprised at the amount of ideas that flow out.


Routines are a powerful tool in helping us create good habits and eliminate bad ones. Getting into a routine creates a new structure and way of doing things in your day-to-day. They also help us get inspired and make the most out of our time. Sticking to a routine is the best way to keep yourself focused and organized.

However, on the flip side, keeping to a stagnant routine can hinder you more than it can help you. When you do the exact same thing every single day you’re opening yourself up to getting frustrated with your daily tasks. In turn you begin to tune out and avoid engaging in your day-to-day work. To get inspired with ideas is difficult when you’re so used to doing things in a certain way. Not invoking change into your routine prevents your creative juices from flowing. You begin to just live out your days on auto-pilot.

Sometimes you need to break your routine or change it up every now and then. It can be a small change, however, a change is needed to keep your mind fresh and creative juices flowing. This will help you get inspired and stay inspired.


As an entrepreneur, your life is extremely busy. The thought of taking time, especially at the beginning of your day, to eat and fuel your body is a ridiculous though. You don’t have time for that! Well, it’s more beneficial for us to take that time as we’re losing more throughout our day by not doing so. When your body doesn’t get the fuel is needs to perform it’s tasks, your work day becomes more inefficient and unproductive. The same goes for your mind.

If you want to get inspired and generate new ideas, you need to give it fuel to work with. Whether that be new experiences or increasing your knowledge, you need to give your brain something to work with.

Sometimes it’s not enough to rely on yourself to get inspired.

It’s a great idea to get a second opinion on your work and thoughts. This enables you to cover several viewpoints and use experience beyond your own to understand the direction you need to go in and get inspired with your work. Getting a fresh viewpoint is often what is needed to get a different point of view which flows in new ideas.




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